Strategic Database Consultation and Advisory (SDCA)

Managed Services for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & many more
Reliable performance, Optimization with infrastructure security
All-in-One solution for data scientists, solutions architects, and database administrators
Manage, Store, and process your data with a hybrid approach

"Your Data, Our Expertise, Simplified by Tirzok"

At Tirzok, we understand that data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, and harnessing its power is essential for success. That's why we offer a streamlined and sophisticated approach to data management and expertise. Our commitment is to simplify the complex world of data, making it accessible, actionable, and transformational for your organization. With a team of dedicated experts, we not only handle your data with precision but also leverage our extensive knowledge to turn it into a strategic asset.

Our Database Services

Tirzok’s Database Consultation and Advisory Services

Tirzok Database Services!

Tirzok DevOps Service provides a full set of database service consultations (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, and MongoDB) to address the requirements of data architects, infrastructure developers, and project managers.  Among them, Tirzok's choice leans toward PostgreSQL as the preferred database, cause -

  • PostgreSQL enforces data integrity with constraints, ensuring reliable and accurate information

  • It supports custom functions, data types, and extensions, allowing for versatile application development

  • PostgreSQL handles large datasets and high loads effectively, making it suitable for growth

  • Being open source, it's cost-effective and has a strong community for support and continuous improvement

  • It guarantees transaction reliability with ACID compliance, essential for critical applications

" Trust in the Power of PostgreSQL for Superior Data Management "

What makes us unique?
Data Confidence with Recovery, Backups, and Schema.


PITR is a method to recover data up to a certain point in time in case of a disaster.


Automatic backup for database system design, deployment, and configuration according to requirements.


Continuous backup for database system design, deployment, and configuration according to requirements.


Backup and restore of Databases for optimum performance and for report generation.

Why should you choose the Database Consultation & Advisory services of Tirzok?

Log Shipping

Shipping the transaction logs between primary and secondary servers for analysis and recovery of data


Partition large databases into smaller, faster, and more easily managed parts


Cluster of the database system and services for high availability, data security, performance enhancement, and disaster recovery precaution

Proxy Query

Proxy or Route database query to different sets of servers according to needs to enhance performance

DB Activity Analysis

Analyze all the query or I/O activity going on a database system

Robust Security

Offering robust security solutions for your data, Tirzok consultation is your shield against threats

Case Study

Tirzok had only a few weeks to architect a solution from scratch, develop the solution, test it, and roll it out to millions of users. The main challenge is to ensure Data's high availability on multiple servers accommodated with proper performance tuning allowing users fast access to the database.

This is a success story of Tirzok's Strategic Database Service Consultation and  Advisory. In contrast, Tirzok effectively delivered consultation and managed database services to various organizations, including A2P, Titas, and MyGov. Tirzok offered consultation services for planning, testing, and deploying database cluster mechanisms to ensure efficient data management as the dataset expands. Additionally, we conducted tasks related to identifying and troubleshooting slow queries, as well as monitoring all services through Grafana and Nagios

View full case study of Surokkha

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