Surokkha App Database Management

Ensuring data high availability on multiple servers accommodated with proper performance.

Challenge for Bangladesh to tackle the COVID pandemic outbreak worldwide

During the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Bangladesh, after getting crucial inputs from epidemiologists and experts, it was understood that contact tracing was going to be the key factor in controlling the spread of the disease. Even developed countries were struggling to carry out contact tracing, and implementing contact tracing for a nation like Bangladesh with over 15 crore people was going to be even tougher.


Health and Epidemiology


Tirzok had only a few weeks to architect a solution from scratch, develop the solution, test it, and roll it out to millions of users.

Services & Tech

Cloud infrastructure, Virtualization, and Data center management.

Managing huge data with fast query response

Tirzok had only a few weeks to architect a solution from scratch, develop the solution, test it, and roll it out to millions of users.

“It was a very difficult undertaking to mobilize at least 12 crore individuals for the immunization campaign and manage all the data for such a large population. The primary difficulty was establishing the applicant's identification using the NID database”. According to an official of the health ministry. Source

Tirzok took the challenge of managing all the data of registered individuals in the Surrokha app. 

"The hackers tried to shut down the Surokkha app, but the situation was handled extremely well by the experienced manpower on our ICT front," said the State Minister.  Source Despite numerous cyber-attacks to disrupt the service, Tirzok always safeguards the system and protects the database efficiently such as by ensuring infrastructure level security and component level database security. 

Technical Challenge

The main challenge is to ensure Data's high availability on multiple servers accommodated with proper performance tuning allowing users fast access to the database. Based on instant campaigns like spot registration, mass vaccination, and booster dose campaign changes in the database and system design is a challenge too. For this High range of physical resources of server machines for Database deployment and Vaccination scheduling and OTP transactions. Sometimes resources expand due to use case perspectives like age condition and such change happens in statistical analysis.


The security of the database and its data was something that we kept as a top priority from day one. To support mass amounts of data query routing, and database load balancing several types of automation are used to manage the data. 

Proper infrastructure level tuning of the database server is required for database modeling purposes, especially for query analysis, query optimization, and proper indexing.  Application of several types of indexing along with database modeling change includes database clustering and caching with load balancing and query routing.

For example, Load balancer is used for SMS queue arrangement with changes in data modeling, expansion of server resources, and data indexing. Data high availability was availed through clustering, multi-level backup mechanisms physically and logically throughout servers and other types of storage systems

Health Ministry applauds Tirzok tireless Surokkha app database management support


According to the Health Division, about eight crore people have so far registered for the coronavirus vaccine through the app. Since its inception last year Jan 2021, the app, which can access 8 crore individuals at once, has been a crucial part of the nation's COVID vaccination program.

According to the Directorate General of the Bangladeshi Health Services (DGHS), more than 90 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Bangladesh. 

We are also thankful to NDC - National Database Center, from where we avail server and server-related resources to mitigate resource expansion-related problems.  Ready to Get Started?

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