Expert Ceph Service Consultation

Exabyte-scalable with no single point of failure
Data resilience through distributed replication
Self-healing and self-managed system for File Storage, Block Storage, and Object Storage
Software Defined Storage (SDS) system on commodity hardware

"Tirzok: Your Ceph Storage Expert"

Tirzok offers top-tier Ceph consultancy services, harnessing the power of Exabyte scalability with a resilient data replication system. Our expertise in Software Defined Storage (SDS) on commodity hardware ensures cost-effective solutions. With a self-healing, self-managed approach, we provide File Storage, Block Storage, and Object Storage that sets your business on a path to success.

Our Ceph Services

Tirzok’s Professional Ceph Storage Services

Ceph Services by Tirzok brings a transformative edge to data management. Our expertise in Ceph, a powerful storage platform, ensures seamless data storage, reliability, and scalability while minimizing costs. With tailored solutions for file, block, and object storage, we deliver the pinnacle of data storage excellence, empowering your business to thrive in the digital age.

"Ceph Services: Elevating Data Management to New Heights!"

What makes us unique?
Expert Ceph Service Consultation.


Highly customized solutions for Ceph storage including File, Block, and Object storage


Consulting and implementation to ongoing management and support


From data archiving and multimedia streaming to high-performance databases


Maximize the value of client’s investments by balancing performance and expenses

Why should you choose the Expert Consultation on Ceph Services from Tirzok?

Performance Tuning

Optimize Ceph clusters by fine-tuning configurations, optimizing data placement, and addressing potential bottlenecks

Data Migration and Integration

Migrate existing storage solutions to Ceph, ensuring a seamless transition

Data Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Ensure data integrity and availability in case of failures

Scaling and Capacity Planning

Scale Ceph clusters based on data needs, optimizing existing resources

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Ensure effective management and maintenance of the client’s Ceph infrastructure

Robust Security

Offering resilient security integrating network policies and secrets management

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